AIDS affects us all

Mission Statement

Concerned Parents for AIDS Research (CPFA), a tax exempt, nonprofit organization, was established in January 1989 by parents who, in light of Alison Gertz’ public revelation that she had AIDS, realized that all of their children were at risk. CPFA’S mission is to secure an AIDS free future for all children by funding basic bio-medical and clinical research projects that will lead to a more complete understanding of the disease process, to the development of better treatments, and ultimately, to the discovery of a vaccine and a cure for AIDS. CPFA reaches out to parents to increase their awareness of the threat AIDS poses to everyone and to show them how they can become involved in ending this public health crisis. Since its inception, CPFA has raised over $7 million to support research teams seeking to increase our understanding of HIV/ AIDS and to devise new methods of preventing and treating the disease.

Concerned Parents for AIDS Research